His Intro:
It’s a new year, a new beginning, a new adventure to be had, and all of it derived from an old habit. Tara and I started hiking recreationally almost immediately in our relationship. We’d often meet after work or on the weekends at different trails. We’d walk hand in hand and talk for hours.  We use it as a means to talk about our life together and as individuals, disconnect from the world for a brief period of time, and deepen the roots of our relationship (see what I did there… it’s a nature joke).

What started as recreation and a way to get to know each other has turned into one of my favorite things to do with her. We’ve decided to share our experiences moving forward. We ideally will be visiting different parks, different areas, and most importantly different perspectives. We’d like to formally welcome you to “His and Her Hiking.” We hope you enjoy!


Her Intro:
I first fell in love with hiking when I moved out to Tempe, AZ and found mountains in my backyard (something a girl from Northeast Ohio really isn’t used to seeing). When I moved back to Ohio, I was excited to explore my back yard again. While there aren’t many mountains here (ok…there aren’t any), there is an amazing park system filled with trees, fresh air and limited cell reception.

When I met Casey, I was so excited that he shared my love for the outdoors and that he was always up for simply taking a walk. It’s how we really got to know each other (remind me to tell you about one of our first dates getting lost in some back woods, crossing random farm fields to find a pond that I still don’t really think exists) and it’s still on of my favorite things to do with him.

And now we thought we’d share our experiences with all of you. The plan is visit new parks, trails, areas or just take a walk once a week and provide each of our take on it as well as some ratings and information if you’d like to pay a visit for yourself. I hope this sparks a yearning to get outdoors, a new interest to visit Ohio or simply a way to laugh at our potential mishaps…because there will be some…I promise.

We’re looking forward to sharing our adventures with you! Happy Hiking!