His – Mill Stream Run – 05/03/2017

I’ll admit, I’m a little behind on the blog, but we’re still honoring our 52 hikes in 52 weeks commitment. This week was strange. I walked alone for the first time since we started this blog. Mother Nature seemed to know that Tara wasn’t in Ohio this week. It rained and rained and RAINED some more. The only day I was even able to consider a hike was Wednesday night after work. It was cool, crisp, and the sun finally peeked through that evening. I didn’t want to do anything too elaborate without Tara so I chose familiarity. I went to the same place I do my distance runs every week; Mill Stream Run.


The park is relatively featureless compared to our usual adventures. The path is miles upon miles of multi-use paved trail right next to a road. The humming of traffic is abundant. You never really feel like you’re in nature. I drove down my usual path and decided to head further down into the park. I’ve ran both ways on the trail, but never really looked around. When you’re huffing and puffing on a distance run, you seldom take in the world around you. As I drove down the road deeper into the park, I came across a hidden gem… an outdoor archery range. JACKPOT! For those of you who don’t know, I’m an amateur archer. I shoot a compound bow in local competitions right around once a month and practice (usually) weekly.

The range was right in the middle of the park. (I’m still really excited). After that I found a parking spot at Aukerman park (this park has parks within the park), got my MP3 tuned into the Indians pre-game and got going eastbound. It was a long and lonely hike. If Tom Hamilton wouldn’t have been keeping me company, I’d probably have been talking to myself. The walk was just a down and back. There were lots of sweat-suits and matching windbreakers out and about. Now, Tara had run the full length of this trail and had warned me about a big ass hill. Well… she wasn’t exaggerating in any capacity.




This thing was steep and mean. My muscles were on fire as I scaled this thing. At the top of the hill there was a “zero miles” marker and another park within the park. The hill was a lot more fun on the way down. As I stampeded back I couldn’t help but be jealous of Tara’s hike. She was in Cuba, before pretty much every tourist, having a great time in the sun and sand. I turned off the path and went on a trail through Aukerman park, it was muddy, cold, and miserable. I finished out by the obstacle course they had built for dogs in the park and was just thankful to have had the opportunity to get out of the house this past week.


All in all, it’s good to do things on your own.  Independence is a strong character trait for both Tara and I. I don’t mind being alone and fending for myself. I had some time to think about some upcoming life changes I’m considering. I gained a little motivation just by being outside. But, I have to admit, HisandHerHiking is much more fun when it’s his and her.


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