His – Furnace Run Reservation

20170418_175838.jpgHike sixteen out of fifty-two. This year is really flying by! This was the first hike that we’ve been on that it really FELT like spring. We decided to tackle something close by yesterday since we did the Easter thing with Tara’s family on Sunday. So, we ended up at an awesome little metro park called Furnace Run. I really enjoyed this park aside from one thing; it’s super close to the highway which means you hear the humming of traffic throughout your journey. This park reminded me of one of my favorites – Brecksville Reservation, just a condensed version.


This walk also brought back a lot of fond memories of how Tara and I really developed our relationship. It’s been mentioned before, we would often meet up after work and explore together. We used to take turns on picking spots to meet up at, including on our fourth date, where I may or may not have got us lost deep in the woods at Cy Hewit Park. I was supposed to know those trails like the back of my hand. I grew up in that park. I had a pond I used to fish at in my mind that I wanted to get to and we never found it.  We infamously tromped and traced every which way through the wilderness. I just remember that it got dark so fast. I wasn’t quite sure where we were anymore.  We both were a little on edge but I was able to steer us out of there just before the sun set. As a reward for her patience, I did the noble thing and bought her ice cream. By the way, I’m still determined to find the pond.


Stories like those play through my head all the time when we’re out hiking. If it were any other woman, I surely would have been dumped by now. Tara’s love of nature and kind hearted spirit took it all in stride. Yesterday’s walk was peaceful. There were only a few other people on the trail with us. We walked hand in hand as usual and just admired the scenery. This walk was a shorter one; only about 2.5 miles, but I absolutely loved this trail. You can tell that the land was slowly shaped and molded over hundreds, if not thousands of years, by the water that flowed through it. The downed trees crisscrossed every which way. The sinking sun made the greens a bit greener, the flowers popped a little more, and made the creek shimmer as if it were lined with gold.


There weren’t many shenanigans; a few items for our Instagram (@HisandHerHiking) and a few small memories made. Walks like these are my favorite. You just get a chance to get out and enjoy the beauty in nature. You don’t need anything fancy. All you need is a good pair of walking shoes and a person you love.



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