4/9/17 Hers – Hinckley Reservation

This week’s adventure around Hinckley Reservation.




If we came up with creative titles for each of our blogs, this one would be named “When Nature Doesn’t Work.” Everything was off yesterday and nothing was putting me in a better mood – including hiking.

Funny enough, I started the day at a yoga retreat organized through my second job. My first/main job has been incredibly stressful lately, which of course leaks into my personal life, so I was really looking forward to a few hours of introspection and meditation. But I couldn’t clear my head, and the instant I picked up my cell phone after the retreat, I was bombarded with texts and emails and alerts. Back to being overwhelmed.

When I got home, Casey was in a quiet mood, which is definitely not his usual! He was tired from running around all morning (literally – he ran a 5k on Saturday morning then played basketball and golf on Sunday), and I could tell he would rather lay on the couch than walk a few miles. I would’ve rather done that too, so I suggested we put off the hike. Casey, however, was adamant that we go, so go we did.

I recommended Hinckley Reservation since it’s close by. We pulled in to one of the last spots in the lot along the trail. It was in the upper 60s and sunny – everyone wanted to be outside. It would normally make me happy that so many people choose to get outdoors when the weather turns nice, but yesterday I was annoyed by the amount of people. I wanted a quiet trail where Casey and I could just talk and wander.

What I got was a muddy path overcrowded with obnoxious people.

As I trudged through the gunk, I opened up to Casey and told him that I was feeling weird. As we kept walking, I kept trying to get in a better mindset and force myself into a better mood. The result was me getting even more frustrated with myself. And that resulted in me asking Casey if we could sit at a picnic table where I proceeded to cry my eyes out.

There was really no rhyme or reason to it. I had no specific reason to be upset. I just was, and I just needed to cry. The moment I let all that out, I began to feel better. Never underestimate the power of bawling your eyes out on a picnic table in the middle of a park.


After that little debacle, Casey suggested we finish the loop around the lake, go home and get drunk. I gladly took him up on it.


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