Hers – Lanterman’s Mill

Ahhhh. That’s my refreshing sigh after yesterday’s hike around Lanterman’s Mill in the Mill Creek Metroparks.


Casey and I had made plans a few weeks back to visit my brother and his girlfriend who live out near Youngstown (about an hour away from us in Cleveland). We decided to get some hiking in while we were out there.

I had visited Lanterman’s Mill in the summer and loved it. I promised that I would go back in the winter, and I’m so glad we made it happen. We pulled into the parking lot just as the snowflakes started flying. It was cold, but I was paying more attention to the prettiness around us. Casey had never been out to this park, so I was also enjoying watching him take it all in. It really is a stunning area. It surrounds a working flour Mill that was built in 1845 and is backed by waterfalls and a flowing river.


I hear people grumble all the time about Northeast Ohio winters and the cold and snow. While I whole heartedly admit that I hate driving in the snow, I do still enjoy it. It’s been a mild winter so far, and I’ve missed these snowy afternoons. There’s something so peaceful and quiet when the ground is blanketed in fresh powder. Everything seems a bit more calm.

We took the West Gorge Trail past some large waterfalls along a river. It’s a boardwalk for a bit before turning into a rugged, unpaved trail. It’s a difficult balance between wanting to look up and around at everything and needing to look down so you don’t trip over roots and rocks.

We walked that trail until we came to this bridge that I chose to describe as “ornate,” which is apparently a very “college word” according to Casey. Then we took another path up, across the river and back down the opposite side that we came down.


We weren’t quite ready to leave when we made our way back, so we headed out on the East Gorge trail to more waterfalls. I’d write more about the park itself, but I’ll just let the photos do most of the talking on this one.


It was nice to explore a little further afield for us this week and to have some company along the way. One of my favorite things about getting into nature is the conversations that are opened up. Aside from taking photos, I refuse to check my phone while on the trail. It’s nice to tune out the noise, traffic and constant communication for a bit and to just simply talk to people – face to face.

I mentioned it earlier, but this is how Casey and I really got to know each other, and it’s how we really stay in tune with each other. While we were out yesterday, we talked about quite a bit, but my favorite topic is daydreaming about all the traveling we want to do. We have a trip coming soon to Miami and we’re hoping to get to Colorado later this summer. In the future, we’re planning bigger trips to Ireland, Chile, Greece…really anywhere and everywhere. And I really can’t wait to explore abroad with him.


But for now, we’re having such a great time exploring what we have nearby. It may not be an exotic jungle or the highest mountain peaks, but it sure is pretty, isn’t it?



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