His – Bedford Reservation


If you open a thesaurus and look up “hike” you’ll find the synonyms: walk, trek, tramp, tromp, trudge, slog, and march. It sounds tedious and laborious. I don’t know that I fully agree. Hiking can be an outlet, an escape, an adventure. For me, it’s mostly for the opportunity to clear my head. This year’s adventure started somewhere new for the both of us; The Bedford Reservation – located at 14505 Button Rd, Walton Hills, OH 44146.

When we got up this morning, I needed to clear my head in more ways than one. I admittedly had a little too much fun at my friend’s New Years Eve party. However, when you make a promise you have to keep it, hungover or not. I always like to take in the scenery as we drive to different trails. Being a 30 something now, I’m beginning to acquire a taste in houses and property. Tara and I often like to gaze at different types of homes and comment on their curb appeal. As we passed through Independence, Valley View, and Walton Hills we saw some great houses. The area is very heavily wooded and there seems to be a strong affinity for horseback riding.

It was around a high of 40 degrees today, so there was a little nip in the air. I reluctantly brought 3 layers to bundle up in and certainly am glad I did. As we got going the ground was still frozen over from where the sun hadn’t quite reached yet. The cold seemed to radiate from the ground, cutting through every stitch of clothing I had on. The trail was a mixture of gravel, dirt, and slippery patches of ice and snow. Tara had gotten me a new pair of neon blue running shoes (Salomon Sonic Pro’s – pictured below) and I couldn’t have been happier to break them in.


I was really happy to see the terrain was a little difficult on this trail. I enjoy being in any park, but there’s something magical about getting off the paved pathways that are starting to become commonplace on the trails we visit. Along side of the short 0.8 mile Hemlock Loop Trail was Tinker’s creek. This creek held some really scenic views. There were sheer cliffs, a few waterfalls, and a bunch of fallen trees. I really enjoyed the landscape there. I also took notice of how peaceful it was. There were very few hikers out this morning, but it was more than that. There weren’t the sounds of speeding vehicles or bustling neighborhoods, it was just the flow of the creek, crashing over rocks and timber, and crunching of our footsteps as we walked hand in hand.

Now I wanted to do something unique and fun for our blog, something that could be visible in every entry. I decided that I would do a headstand and have Tara take a picture. Well… here are the results:


Coming into 2017 HOT!!! So, long story short – I’ll be brainstorming on something else to do in every post.

Even though my day was a little upside down, I’d definitely want to go back here to explore more of the reservation. It’s views and tranquility are enough to draw me right back in.

Overall ratings for the Bedford Reservation: 4 out of 5 – The park is very unique compared to all of the other Cleveland Metroparks. It’s probably my second favorite so far.

Accessibility: 3 out of 5 – A little off the beaten path to get to the reservation, but worth all of the 35mph speed limits.

Terrain: 4 out of 5 – There were enough ups and downs to get my blood flowing and get me a little winded at times.

Cleanliness: 5 out of 5 – The creek was cool and clean. There were plenty of well kept picnic areas as well.

Trail designation: 3.5 out of 5 – The path was pretty well beaten, there were not a lot of markers or any mileage indicators on this particular loop.

Bathroom availability: 4 out of 5 – They had your standard run of the mill modernized outhouse. Concrete floors, cinderblock walls.



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