Hers – Bedford Reservation

I’m not sure if I’ve ever needed to take a walk more than this morning. While I want this blog to focus on the hikes, parks and scenery, I’d be doing a disservice to you and to myself if I didn’t include the emotions that go along with each walk. I promise not to get too emotional in here – this is after all a blog about hiking and not about relationships, but sometimes they go hand in hand.

My new year didn’t go exactly as planned, and I woke up tired and angry. Casey and I weren’t at our best and we were slow to get moving. In my mind the last thing I wanted to do was worry about this blog, but in my heart I knew it would be exactly what I needed. The 25-minute drive down to Bedford Reservation was mostly in silence, but I could feel myself start to calm down as we left the suburbs for rural communities.

We pulled into the park and my emotions instantly took over. I knew on this walk, I’d have to face the issues currently between Casey and I. It was sunny and in the upper 30s – a rare blessing in January in Northeast Ohio – and I simply wanted to be in a better mood to enjoy it instead of in tears.

After collecting myself for a few minutes, we made our way out to the trail map and picked the .80 mile Hemlock Loop to tackle as we were on a bit of a time crunch.  The trail was unpaved but traveled on enough that it was extremely easy to follow. It was a very easy walk with not much incline and the absolute best part was that it travelled along the Tinker Creek.

I’m not quite sure who named the Tinker Creek, but I think they need a lesson in bodies of water. When I hear creek, I envision a little stream of water barely noticeable. This was much more like a river with a number of small waterfalls and even a few rapids. It was really a fantastic river to walk along.


The sun was out in full force and quite a bit of snow was melted, but the trail remained slippery in some spots. As we kept along the path, I could feel myself slowly starting to thaw as well. It brought to mind a song “Take a Walk” by Passion Pit. It’s essentially about a guy that keeps being dealt some bad hands and his answer is to it all is to simply take a walk. Had I not gotten out this morning, I would’ve continued the same feelings I woke up with. I’m a firm believer in the healing powers of movement and fresh air. I started to loosen up, look up and appreciate what was around me.

IMG_20170101_115234020.jpgWe made our way quickly back to the main entrance and walked a bit more around the “creek” and picnic areas (there are plenty). I checked out the bathroom because I have a bladder the size of a peanut (basic hole in the ground with a seat on top, but clean and actually smelled good). Then we had to head back unfortunately all too soon. I know I could’ve spent much longer here and our plan is to return to some other, longer trails.

While I realize that this post may not be providing the best overview of the Bedford Reservation, I do hope it helps make a connection between the outdoors and our general well-being.



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